Ballbusting Tease Madeline

Lance is staying at an AirBNB.  He thinks he’s the only one there, so he’s jerking off in the living.  Suddenly a cute lady walks in and surprises him.  Her name is Madeline.  Apparently she’s very friendly and offers to help him with his dick.  She also happens to be very into hitting boys in the nuts…

Madeline strokes his cock and brings him to the edge of cumming, then slaps him hard in the nuts, over and over.  She edges and squeezes, edges and knees him, and she laughs the whole time.  Lance is just desperate to get off.

Madeline finally leaves him holding his balls on the sofa with her high heeled shoe in his mouth.

After a long weekend of Madeline stroking Lance’s cock until he almost cums, then abusing his full balls.  He’s about to explode.  She walks into the living room and he’s naked, holding his balls, which makes her very happy.

She smiles and wipes some pre-cum off the tip of his dick and makes him eat it, then starts to stokes his throbbing cock again.  She rubs her big tits in his face, then lays him down and sits on his face.  He can barely breath underneath her while she teases his cock and abuses his nuts, laughing while she plays with his dripping pre-cum.

At this point, Lance’s brain is jelly.  He’s just begging her to cum.  He’d do anything.  Madeline knows she broke him.  She tells him he can cum, but only if he eats it all off of her pantyhose covered legs.  He doesn’t want to, but he’s desperate.

She starts stroking his cock again, and talks about how much fun it would be to drive a pin through his swollen balls just as he’s about to blow a load all over her.  When he does, she makes him lick it all up, then steps on his nuts and struts away.