Alien Sex Slave with Arena Rome

Lance is laying on a strange table in a strange room.  The last he remembers was driving his car.  A sexy lady with big tits and a strange tight outfit with pantyhose and sneakers bounces into the room.  She’s very flirty.

He asks what he’s doing there, and she tells him he’s there for her…  Pretty quickly she’s sitting on his face and playing with his hard cock.  She can tell when he’s about to cum, and stops touching his dick every time.

She rides his face until she’s satisfied, then tells him in a very strange way that she’ll need to ride his dick now…

Lance is still on a strange table with sexy alien lady, Arena Rome, riding his cock.  She quickly gets him to cum inside her.  Lance is loving it, but asks her nicely if he can go now.  “But I’m going to keep you here and fuck you… FOREVER…”

Lance’s cock is getting super sensitive.  He doesn’t understand how he’s still hard.  She must have used her alien technology and done something to his cock.  He keeps cumming, over and over…  She laughs and orgasms over and over on his cock.  Can this really go on, forever….?

She’s done something to him.  His cock is killing him.  His balls are completely draining, but he cannot stop.